alcohol testing at IDD
alcohol testing at DISA

DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection, offers NON-DOT Alcohol testing.  Alcohol testing is a breathe test that is administered by a DISA Breathe Alcohol Technician (BAT).  The materials used in a NON-DOT alcohol test consist of a

  • RBT IV breathalyzer device or a Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 breathalyzer device
  • DOT chain of custody (CCF)
  • sanitized mouthpiece.

A NON-DOT alcohol test is a test conducted under a companies policy, and differs from a DOT test that is regulated and mandated by the USCG.
Alcohol testing is a valuable tool that is used in the work place to ensure a safety and efficiency.  DISA alcohol devices retrieves the air deep in the lungs in order to determine if the donor is under the influence of alcohol and to determine the Breathe Alcohol Content (BAC) of the individual.   DISA has calibration checks on each of our devices once a week to ensure the accuracy for our clients.  DISA offers convenience to our clients, by offering the service of onsite alcohol testing.  DISA technicians will administered alcohol testing onsite  at any accessible location including: boats, docks, construction site, office buildings, etc.  Employee under the influence of alcohol can be a disaster in the work place.  Let DISA help you maintain a safe and efficient work place.