DISA’s K-9 Narcotic & Contraband Teams

Illegal drugs and abuse of legal substances continue to pose a growing threat to workplace safety in the U.S. Employers continue to suffer through lost productivity, workplace accidents and injuries, employee absenteeism, low morale, and increased illness due to substance abuse. The cost to our nation resulting from alcohol and illicit drug use exceeds $400 billion annually and is growing. Cost related to crime, health care including prevention and treatment programs, and lost work productivity resulting from employees’ alcohol and drug use and related problems are growing. Employees are using “creative” methods to smuggle substances into the workplace in large quantities for personal use and sale to others.

At DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection, we believe there is a solution to this growing problem. DISA employs the use of Narcotic detecting K-9’s to reduce the presence of substances in the workplace. All of our K-9s and their handlers are certified through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) and adhere to an intensive ongoing training program that assesses our K-9s for accuracy in sniffing out illegal drugs and substances, as well as firearms and ammunition. We are one of only a few privately owned contractors offering Narcotic K-9 Inspections in the U.S. We can help build and implement a comprehensive detection program customized especially for the client to help mitigate problems in the workplace.

How Do K-9 Detection & Inspections Work?

Our K-9’s are trained specifically to detect the presence of scents associated with illegal drugs and some contraband such as firearms. Each K-9 Team consists of a K-9, a K-9 Handler, and an Investigator. The Handler focuses on having the K-9 sniff targeted areas that have been identified by the client. When the K-9 alerts (Passive Alert Behavior) on a specific item or area, the Investigator conducts a hand search in an effort to determine if there is a physical presence of a substance on which the K-9 alerted. Passive Alert Behavior means that our K-9’s will behave in a non-threatening manner when they detect the scent of a drug or contraband. Our K-9’s are trained to sit and point at the target until the Handler takes the action to withdraw.

Where Can You Perform K-9 Detection & Inspections Searches?

Our teams are trained to conduct exhaustive searches regardless of the location. Teams are currently deployed to search office buildings, refineries, motor vessels/boats, aviation vehicles, automobiles, and schools. We also conduct searches aboard offshore platforms and rigs, at sporting venues and events, and other places where detection of drugs and contraband might be an issue.

I’m a Small Company; Does This Apply To Me?

Small companies experience greater substance abuse statistically than larger companies. We currently manage programs for some of the largest companies in the world. But we also administer programs for small mom-and-pop operations that recognize the value of a substance-free workplace. We can assist with the creation and execution of a program regardless of the size of the company or the number of employees.

How can DISA assist our company with K-9 Detection & Inspections Searches?

k9 dog in action
k9 dog in action

Our staff is poised to assist you to develop and implement a program that is designed to meet your specific needs. We can help you write a company policy, manager/supervisor training program, employee training, and the process by which the program will operate. Our drug prevention services and solutions are cost-effective and are designed to help drive illegal drugs and substance abuse out of the workplace. Our K-9 drug detection service is an essential part of our clients’ management to deliver the message to their employees that the use of illegal drugs, substance abuse, and contraband such as weapons of any sort threatens the safety of their employees and will not be tolerated.

“Companies who want to maintain a drug-free workplace find that utilizing the K-9 searches can create a tremendous deterrent against drugs in the workplace. This is also true for educational institutions that strive to promote a drug-free environment”, says Ed Lepre, Owner, and President of DISA. Ed went on to say, “Our Handlers have well over 100 years of collective dog handling experience in the public and private sectors, and are well able to provide the most professional service available in the industry.”

To obtain more information on how our K-9 Division can assist in keeping your workplace safe and drug-free, contact us at 504-620-0070 or email us for information.

Ed reminds us, “A Better Business is a Drug-Free Business”.