fingerprinting at IDD
fingerprinting at DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection

DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection, recognizes that there is a growing need for taking measures to ensure safety and security of our workplaces, schools, universities, and other locations. Fingerprinting is one of several methods used to confirm a person’s identity, whether an applicant or client.

DISA’s Print-Ident Service provides our customers with high quality, cost effective, and efficient finger printing assistance. Our Print-Ident Technicians can travel to your office, school, university, or other venue to conduct the service, or you may come into our main office by appointment to be waited on. We are conveniently located in Harahan, LA, about 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans.

DISA provides the finger printing cards, materials, and equipment to conduct the finger printing to ensure the best results. Depending on your needs, we will come out to perform a single printing or group of printings, or help build and manage an all-inclusive finger printing program.

Our Print-Ident Technicians are personable and caring professionals, and will treat the client with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our technicians are trained to treat each situation with discretion and maintain the confidentiality of our clients. We take every measure to ensure excellent results. In those rare cases where fingerprints may be rejected, DISA will retake the prints at no cost to our client.

Please call 504-620-0070 or email us if there are any questions. We are prepared to meet your request.