Our Vision

The vision of DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection is to be the premier drug detection facility in the South, dedicated to providing the highest level of DOT and NON-DOT drug and alcohol testing, K-9 searches, training, and background checks to our clients in a professional manner while complying with all federal, state, and local guidelines, the policies and standards of our clients, and living up to our own core values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mitigate the use and presence of illegal drugs and abuse of legal substances in the workplace through innovative approaches to ensure a safe, productive, and profitable work environment. To achieve this we will remain current in all facets of our industry and take every step necessary working with our clients to prevent such substances from entering the workspace of the customers we serve.

Our Commitment

DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection is committed to putting the needs of our customers first in delivering drug detection services and program administration in a professional and error-free manner to meet their needs. We will fulfill this commitment by always maintaining a focus on our mission while upholding our core values. As a result customers will be satisfied, our position in the industry will be strengthened, and new business will be added.



Integrity is the foundational value that dictates everything DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection stands for.  We are honest in all of our relationships, ethical in all of our practices, and truthful with all of our stakeholders.  Our trustworthiness is earned and underpins our affiliations with everyone with whom we come into contact including our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, each other, and the communities in which we work.


Dignity defines the respect we demonstrate towards others and ourselves.  We embrace the importance of inclusivity and individuality in our organization and welcome the diversity of ideas that are birthed as a result of our differences.  Everyone deserves to have a voice and we respect the viewpoints and opinions of all of our customers, suppliers, and employees at every level.


Drug Free is the aspiration we endeavor to achieve for our customers.  We believe this is a reality that can be accomplished through diligent oversight by DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection and its partners.  Any use or presence of illegal drugs, or abuse of legal substances in the workplace of DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection  is customers is not acceptable.  The latest and greatest industry ideas and technology will be employed to help drive out the substances and the abusers.  Furthermore, we model our commitment to drug-free by holding ourselves to a zero-tolerance standard by maintaining a random testing program for our own employees.

To obtain more information about DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection, contact us at 504/620-0070 or send us an email.