idd_frontoffice_000In the Spring of 1997, DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection, began in the living room of Ed and Laura Lepre’s home. During the first months, things were slow. But despite a slow beginning and numerous challenges, Ed did not second-guess his dream. His perseverance and persistence, based on hard work, intense study (Ed earned the C-SAPA designation), and old fashion values, provided the stimulus to overcome adversities.

Today, DISA – Formerly International Drug Detection is one of the fastest growing drug detection facilities and Third Party Administrators (TPA) in the South. It has a strong reputation for providing excellent service backed by a thorough knowledge of the drug detection rules and guidelines.

According to the National Business Group, in 2007, employees with substance abuse cost the US economy more than $346 billion. This is more than the cost of cancer and diabetes combined. The impact affects the productivity of small, medium, and large companies since employees with substance abuse are less healthy, miss work more often, are more likely to hurt themselves on the job, make more serious mistakes, and experience higher job turnover rates.

 “Drug and alcohol abuse affects the bottom line of companies. This is why I and my staff are committed to assisting our clients to implement an effective Drug and Alcohol Program that saves them money while enhancing the performance of their employees. It is my opinion that a better business is a drug-free business.” Lepre said.

After all these years, Ed maintains his belief that the winning formula for success is combing hard work and old fashion values with innovative technology. His vision for IDD, with its staff of dedicated employees and award-winning K-9s, is to be a leader in helping businesses create a safe and drug-free workplace that result in enhanced performance and profitability.